Carmel - our little bit of heaven on earth, nestles in the heart of the Garden Route among some of the world’s finest scenery. Break away to enjoy a time of physical, emotional and spiritual recreation. It will be our privilege as a Christian community, to meet your needs and share with you the restoring love of Christ.

Carmel provides a safe and fun-packed family holiday experience. Special holiday teams keep energetic youngsters, of every age group, occupied while parents relax or join in the fun of the organized holiday programs. During the holiday seasons Carmel becomes a hive of activity, fun and laughter! Tractor rides around the property include opportunities to feed the ducks, geese and even a billy goat and to soak up the farm-like atmosphere.

Indoor activities are centered in the Barn, where pool and table tennis are provided. The swimmers’ and surfer’ paradise of Victoria Bay is less than 2 kilometers away, and there are well laid out walks for those who would like to explore the forests and fynbos.

Times of Peace and Quiet
Whether you come alone or with friends or family, Carmel can offer you times of peace, quiet and reflection. The busyness of the holidays and weekends and the seeming fullness of our program may sometimes give the impression that such times are difficult to find! In the Lord’s wisdom however, many program events are attended by quite small numbers, and this affords plenty of space for those needing tranquillity and a time of personal retreat. We understand these needs.

Please let us know how you feel about too many people (or too few!) when you contact us and we will be happy to guide you as to when best to visit Carmel.

Group Visits
Carmel is an ideal venue for groups and conferences, and many churches arrange an annual visit for their members.